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I am available for individual sessions in person in the UK, or by phone or Skype video calls from anywhere in the world.

If you are interested, please contact me by email to arrange a time,  or you could phone or text me  on +44 [0] 745 6660227. That is a UK mobile phone, so please be aware of time zones and leave a message if I’m not available, letting me know where you are and  the best time to text or call back.

Sessions last about an hour and cost £50 [GBP] each. [That was just over US$80 last time I looked on Google’s currency converter.]

You can pay before or after each session by credit card or Paypal through a secure Paypal gateway. Just click on the BUY NOW button below to make a payment once you have arranged a session…..

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I look forward to meeting you………………….Lorri
Lorri Craig

Lorri Craig Psychologist available for private consultations.


  1. Dear Alex
    You recently left a message on my website about dealing with your traumatic birth. You didn’t say where you lived, but I do sessions in Brighton and London, or internationally by Skype or phone, if you are interested in that route. I’m in London time [ BST at the moment], but am flexible, so can usually find a time to suit clients in other time zones.
    Alternatively, I would recommend that you find a therapist near you who specialises in treating birth trauma or, at least, uses body/energy psychology, such as AIT or TFT/EFT. AIT therapists are listed at and tapping [TFT or EFT] therapists are plentiful, so you should be able to google one near you. Next option would be EMDR therapists.
    It can be scary to start therapy, but most people find that once they are in the door [or on line] and start the process, it can be interesting. Clients usually find that treating birth trauma with AIT is quite relaxing. Because the memories are preverbal and unconscious, the mind doesn’t get in the way, so it’s usually easy and gentle.
    Just jump in and do it. If you think that you and your nervous system have been affected significantly by this trauma, then it could really make a difference to your life.
    Let me know if I can help in any way.
    Good luck Alex.

  2. I experienced a frightful trauma during my birth and I would like to discuss addressing this , although I am a bit afraid of confronting it.

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